Badger Hill Reserve

Badger Hill Reserve

All Available in 3mg & 6mg.

American Way

American Way uses a blend of 3 classic tobacco styles normally found in the Virginia-Carolina tobacco belt, this tobacco vape juice has a fantastic array of earth, spice, leather, a smooth finish, and a touch of caramel sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar consists of our proprietary tobacco blend along with equal parts light and dark brown sugar giving you a deep, rich, tobacco and sweet molasses flavor.



With many different types of tobacco e-liquids and an abundance of choices floating around, the vape marketplace is now a bit harder to navigate. The best tobacco e-juice like Badger Hill Reserve must also be the most realistic tobacco e liquid. Vapers searching for that distinctive tobacco taste will settle for nothing less in regards to tobacco flavor e liquid though many different characters enter into the mix.




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