Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady

Vape Dinner Lady is headquarter in United Kingdom, focused on providing an extensive range of the finest premium quality e-liquids through intensive market research of consumers on vaping products. Renowned for the iconic Lemon Tart flavor profile, Dinner Lady E-Liquid have been making exception flavor profiles.



Dinner Lady Lemon Tart:

A zingy lemon-focused e-liquid dessert blend from Dinner Lady, who never fail to deliver the world’s pudding top picks in compact vape juice form. A perfectly balanced mix of tangy lemon curd, creamy, lightly sugared meringue, along with warming, perfectly baked pastry notes, the versatile flavor palette of the Lemon Tart blend develops on the tongue from the moment of inhale, the intensity of flavor reaching its peak on exhale and popping into huge, fluffy vapor clouds. Vape Dinner Lady ejuice and you won’t be disappointed!

Dinner Lady Orange Tart:

Orange Tart Ejuice by Dinner Lady features a warm and flaky dessert of sugared Florida oranges amidst of soft and buttery bed of graham crust! Munch on a freshly-baked dessert of sweet citrus, buttery graham crackers, and warm creamy clouds!

Once again, our beloved Dinner Lady has outdone herself with a freshly baked dessert that promises to make your vape taste buds sing! Crates of freshly picked Florida oranges are brought in by the truckload, featuring a warm and zesty flavor of sweet citrus. These oranges are peeled and sliced into thick wedges, ready to be soaked in a bath of sweet cream and pure cane sugar for a sweet and creamy pie filling! Next, a buttery crust is made from finely crushed graham crackers and melted sweet butter. This thick and crumbly graham cracker mixture is pressed into a pie pan, providing a bit of crunch to an otherwise soft and sweet tart.

The creamy and sugared orange slices are layered into the pie pan, and the entire dessert is tucked into the oven, where it bakes to a dreamy golden brown! This delicious orange tart is removed from the heat and set to cool on a windowsill, where it fills the entire kitchen with the mouthwatering scents of sweet citrus and buttery graham cracker! Treat your vape taste buds to a thick slice of a freshly baked orange tart and roll around in the freshly baked clouds that of sweet and creamy oranges folded into a buttery graham cracker crust!