Earthbound CBD 100mg Asteroid Gummies

Earthbound CBD 100mg Asteroid Gummies



was created and designed for two reasons and two reasons alone:

 To be affordable and effective.

Why Choose

EarthBound CBD?

     We originally started in the vapor industry several years ago and after much success in E-Liquid manufacturing stumbled upon the fantastic benefits of CBD. We were skeptical at first. But after much research and use of CBD products we realized that CBD was going to change the world for better.

     A few issues we immediately noticed in the CBD industry was the lack of transparency and true contents in CBD products on the market. Another problem was blatantly clear. CBD products were not affordable for people who needed CBD on a everyday basis.  So with the realization that product contents were not true, lack of quality CBD products available, and a ridiculously overpriced market EARTHBOUND was born.

     EARTHBOUND was created and designed for two reasons and two reasons alone.  To be affordable and effective. EARTHBOUND only uses the best CBD hemp extracts for its products. All of EARTHBOUNDS CBD hemp extract is CO2 extracted and tested via Proverde Labs before mixing and then tested again via Proverde Labs after product is blended and ready for packaging.

     All EARTHBOUND products are manufactured in a clean room environment. With a customer first mentality we welcome you to embark on this journey of health and happiness with us.




Earthbound CBD 100mg Asteroid Gummies

100MG per Bag (25MG per gummie), 4 assorted flavors per bag. Vegan friendly. non GMO. Per batch lab testing with QR code results on bottom of bag. Infused with pure CBD isolate, not unpredictably sprayed or dusted. Half dollar sized.

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