MOD Fuel E-juice

MOD Fuel E-juice

Mod Fuel e-Juice

This award-winning juice company was started in 2014 by two brothers from Michigan. In the past three years, Mod Fuel E-Liquid has rocketed to stardom in the vape world. It all started with a few space-shuttle themed, intensely fruity e-liquids with catchy names like Javelin, Titan and Skylark. Mod Fuel uses a high-VG blend for all their vape juices, so you can expect to see as many clouds as when a shuttle rockets into the stratosphere. Since they started out, the fellas at Mod Fuel have expanded their top-quality vape juices to sell them across the country.




Mod Fuel’s Javelin is far and away one of the Michigan-based vape juice company’s most popular flavors. It makes total sense when you get your first vape of Javelin E-Juice. The flavor profile is straightforward, but it intensifies and gets more complex as you keep vaping. Get a slow inhale of Javelin E-Liquid to feel the refreshing taste of crisp, cool lemonade pour into your mouth. The exhale brings with it subtle notes of other tropical fruits that enhance the deliciousness.

Tart lemonade inhale bursting with a fruity exhale.


A powerful apple essence hits you as soon as you open up a bottle of Mod Fuel’s Skylark, but the full flavor profile goes much deeper than its juicy apple base. Skylark takes Mod Fuel’s love of fruity tastes and absolutely runs with it by bombarding you with a perfectly balanced assortment of berries in addition to the vivid flavor of apple. As you inhale, fresh apple tangos with vine-ripened bunches of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to add an interesting and complex counterpoint to the flavor profile. As you exhale Skylark E-Liquid, the tartness of the berries comes out a bit more, but it doesn’t overwhelm Skylark’s taste of tree-grown apples. You’ll get a smooth vape and a decent amount of clouds from Skylark E-Juice because it’s made with a 70/30 blend of VG and PG. Fruit fans won’t want to pass up this vape juice.

A fresh apple infused with delicious berries.


Redstone E-Juice gives you one of the most pure, unadulterated watermelon flavors you can find on the e-liquid market today. As one of the top-selling juices from Mod Fuel, Redstone makes a lasting impression right from the very first inhale. The crisp, clean flavor of watermelon is not stifled by too much sweetness. Instead, Redstone meticulously balances the beloved sweetness of a juicy slice of watermelon with the popular fruit’s natural freshness.

A flavorful burst of vine ripened watermelon.

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