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Mr. Salt-E

Mr. Salt-E Blue Razz Lemonade Ejuice Description

Instead of settling for plain old lemonade, Blue Razz Lemonade decided to add even more flavor to a summer favorite! Sweet and tender red raspberries are gathered in the light of a full moon, casting a soft blue glow on each of the ripe berries. This soft blue hue is captured in each berry gleaned that evening, and presents a juicy and sweet candied treat your vape taste buds simply can’t resist!

Fat and juicy blue raspberries are squeezed of their sweet juice, and is whirled into a pitcher freshly squeezed lemonade, begging to refresh your taste buds and quench your thirst for delicious clouds. A handful of blue raspberries are tossed in whole to give you a well-rounded full-bodied flavor of sweet and tangy blue raspberries throughout the tart lemonade goodness! The sweetness of the blue raspberries and a nearly imperceptible sour of the lemon makes this flavor a well-rounded choice for fruit favorites!

Mr. Salt-E RY4 Ejuice Description

What makes RY4 Ejuice by Mr. Salt-E so great? You’ll almost forget that there’s a tobacco flavor in this eliquid, with all of the sweet desserts it comes with. Pick up a bottle of RY4 and sample the bold strength of hearty tobacco in each and every puff. But this tobacco flavor promises a unique twist, in that it’s sweetened with a freshly made vanilla custard, a perfect flavor to complement and soften such an impressive tobacco flavor.

Along with the soothing scents of sweet vanilla, you can also taste calming notes of melted caramel, softened butterscotch chews, and golden blossom honey. With such unique and enticing tobacco pairing, how could you not be intrigued? Satisfy your cloud cravings with puffs of rich and silky tobacco leaves, paired with the refreshing taste of freshly baked custard, sweetened with freshly melted caramel, smooth softened butterscotch candy, and hive-fresh golden blossom honey. Enjoy a softened yet still impressive take on tobacco, smooth and rich and flavorful with every puff.

Mr. Salt-E Mint Ejuice Description

What makes Mint by Mr. Salt-E so great? Hang up the mistletoe, string up the lights, and yell “Mele Kalikimaka” as you prance about in a marshmallow world. Enough Christmas references for you? Haha, with this flavor, you won’t be able to get enough of Christmas as you puff on sweet mint, comfortably similar to the delightful red and white striped candies that pop up every December. Enjoy a smooth and refreshingly minty cloud as you dance around with Rudolph and wait for dear ol’ Sandy Claws to come down the chimney with his impossibly enormous bag of presents.

This flavor presents all the great things about Christmas in one single puff, making it an excellent flavor for those of you nostalgic for the chilly winter months. Mr. Salt-E has gone to great lengths to try to squeeze that same sweet and icy flavor into every cloud, bursting with icy red and white candy canes.


Mr. Salt-E Blue Razz Lemonade Ejuice

Blue Razz Lemonade Ejuice by Mr. Salt-E features a glistening glass of cold and refreshing lemonade. Fat and sweet blue raspberries are swirled into a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade, ready to refresh your vape taste buds with sweet-scented clouds throughout all the seasons!

Mr. Salt-E RY4 Ejuice

RY4 Ejuice by Mr. Salt-E will have you thinking you’re puffing on real, bold tobacco flavor (flavor, not the real, yucky, kinda smelly, and unhealthy thing) enhanced with freshly made vanilla custard and drizzled with melted butterscotch, caramel, and golden blossom honey! Bring out your inner cowboy and lasso them thar nic salt clouds!

Mr. Salt-E Mint Ejuice

Mint Ejuice by Mr. Salt-E delivers a refreshing blast of cooling mint to your vape taste buds. Now you don’t have to dream of a white Christmas, but rather, experience it on your own at any time, thanks to this delicious spicy peppermint blend that tastes just like your favorite red and white striped candy cane! It’s a nicotine salt miracle.