Pod Juice Salts

Pod Juice Salts

Pod Juice Salts Flavors:

Jewel Mint (Available in 20mg & 35mg)

A super cool frost inhale while the exhale comes out as a slightly sweet mint.

Pineapple Lemonade Slushy Freeze (Available in 35mg)

Notes of tropical pineapple and tangy lemonade in slushy form.

Pink Burst (Available in 35mg)

Blend of strawberry essence, emulating a pink soft candy chew bursting with flavor.



Pod Juice was founded by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to change the way consumers vape by offering the first-ever smooth salt nicotine solution. After countless tests and experiments, Pod Juice launched its revolutionary 55mg smooth salt nic line for pod systems. The goal was to help smokers quit cigarettes altogether.

The founders of Pod Juice were heavily invested in salt nicotine at the same time a close relative had tried nearly everything to quit smoking cigarettes. From nicotine patches to hypnosis, nothing availed. It was the very first blend of Pod Juice that helped our family member quit forever. To this day, we continue to fight against Big Tobacco with each and every bottle we sell. We hope to convert smokers to join our vape family and continue living a healthier and less addictive lifestyle.

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