Pod Juice Salts

Pod Juice Salts

Blue Razz 35mg-

The most flavorful blue raspberry that releases a sweet and tangy juicy extract with each and every exhale. This flavor of tangy blue raspberry intensifies as it travels along the palate, then a cool fruity sensation on exhale.

Banana Ice 35mg & 55mg-

A sweet, caramelized banana is infused with cool mint for a smooth, frozen banana treat you’ll want to savor all day. Fruity on the inhale and icy on the exhale, you’ll go bananas for Banana Ice!

Frozen Strawberry 35mg & 55mg-

The smoothest strawberry flavor yet with a glacier ice that is extraordinarily well balanced.

Lemon Sugar Cookie 35mg-

a deliciously soft sugar cookie with lemon baked into a decadent nicotine salt.

Orange Soda 55mg-

Each inhale grasps your taste buds and quenches your thirst with the juiciest orange carbonation. This citrus soda will tempt your taste buds with its unique flavor combined with a carbonation that you can actually taste!

Peach Ice 55mg-

Peach Ice is a ripe Georgia peach filled with sweet aromatic deliverance to create a smooth and icy fruit sensation.

Savage Patch 35mg & 55mg-

Everyone’s favorite sour-sweet citrus flavor will make your taste buds tingle and fill your mouth with joy. When you inhale this classic sour vape juice, you will experience a rich, tangy hit of sour that’s enough to make your face pucker with pleasure. On the exhale, finish with a sweet rush of lemon that satisfies all your sweet-tooth cravings.

Strawberry Lemonade 35mg & 55mg-

Featuring the sweet and sour profile of strawberries and lemon, this is the perfect blend of berries and citrus for a warm afternoon or lazy weekend vape. On the inhale, experience heavy notes of tart lemon followed by the sweet and smooth sensation of ripe strawberries on the exhale.

Strawberry Banana 55mg-

Try this strawberry banana treat that give you the fruitiest inhale!

Strawberry Banana Ice 35mg & 55mg-

Start off your day with the taste of lush strawberries and a banana ice flavor that is a tropical paradise. Try this frozen strawberry banana treat that give you the fruitiest inhale and a super chill exhale!

Strawberry Dream 35mg & 55mg-

Strawberry Dream is the perfect combination of fresh succulent strawberries with the creamiest glass of milk. The final result is a decadent of flavor bursting in your mouth with every indulgent inhale.

Tangerine Ice 35mg-

Tangerine Ice Salt Nic will blow you away with the complex fusion of tropical citrus and a blizzard like ice.



Pod Juice was founded by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to change the way consumers vape by offering the first-ever smooth salt nicotine solution. After countless tests and experiments, Pod Juice launched its revolutionary 55mg smooth salt nic line for pod systems. The goal was to help smokers quit cigarettes altogether.

The founders of Pod Juice were heavily invested in salt nicotine at the same time a close relative had tried nearly everything to quit smoking cigarettes. From nicotine patches to hypnosis, nothing availed. It was the very first blend of Pod Juice that helped our family member quit forever. To this day, we continue to fight against Big Tobacco with each and every bottle we sell. We hope to convert smokers to join our vape family and continue living a healthier and less addictive lifestyle.

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