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Your Trusted Milwaukee Vape & CBD Source offers an unparalleled experience that is hard to find anywhere else.




About Us

Vape 108 started in 2014, and quickly became the popular vape store in West Allis, Wisconsin. Not only  a great place to relax and vape, the parking is convenient, there’s movies or music always playing along with a wide variety of beverages and snacks to choose from.
Any vaper, from the novice to the advanced, can expect personalized service, expert knowledge and exceptional products. Vape 108 prides itself on its high standards which have brought both local and national recognition.
If you’re current cigarette smoker and looking for a better option, Vape 108’s staff will set you up to move away from the old standard into something far better than you could ever imagine.

If you are looking for a great Vape store

Just kick back and blow some clouds, stop on in our Spacious Lounge and hang out with us.

Why Choose Us

What We Are About

We are More Than Just Your Average Vape Shop. Whether you’re looking for the latest vape mods, premium flavors, or high-quality CBD products, we’ve got you covered.


Our Happy Customers

Hear from Happy Milwaukee Vapers, who enjoy every flame of dense smoke. We go beyond just selling products; we’re here to be your vaping resource center.


Customer Services

A satisfied customer is more likely to return and share his/her experience with other potential customers. If that customer tells two friends. Those two friends tell their two friends and the end result is a actively involved vaping community.  That is what we wish to see. Customers who feel like they are treated with respect and have a strong desire to see this business continue to grow.
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