Hohm School 4A Charger

Hohm School 4A Charger Specifications:

  • Overall Dimensions – 108mm by 96mm by 29mm
  • Two-Tier Battery Bridge System
  • Operating Temp: 0-40°C / 32°-104°F
  • 4-Stage Charge/Discharge (CC, CV, Oscillation, Micro-Pulse)
  • BLD System (Battery Length Detection)
  • Compatible with Li-ion / LiFePO4 / Ni-MH / Ni-Cd Batteries
  • LED Light Readout System
  • Auto-Maintenance System
  • Battery Doctor Integrated
  • 5V USB Port Capable
  • Reverse Polarity Protection (Insert Battery Backwards Protection)
  • Incorrect Battery Type Protection
  • Over Charge Protection Measures Built In
  • Short-Circuit Protection Measures Built In
  • Type C USB Port

Hohm School 2A Battery Charger Includes:

  • Hohm Tech School battery charger
  • USB-C cable
  • User Manual

Additional Features:

  • Compact 4 channel USB (type C) charger with 4A ability
  • Plug and play ready out of the box.
  • LED indicator defines if battery charging, charged, or has an error
  • Intergrated protection: short circuit, overheat, reverse polarity and over-charge prevention
  • Slot 1 & 4 has 2A/1A automated charge selection
  • Slot 2 & 3 has 1A/0.5A automated charge selection
  • compatible with 18650, 20700, & 21700

Presenting the Hohm School 4A USB-C Charger, a new upgraded 4-bay variant of the 2-Bay Hohm School @A Charger, implementing a two tiered battery bridge charging system that is incredibly versatile, changing charging specifications to optimally charge each battery that is placed within the piano wire spring-loaded charging bay. Crafted from durable non-ABS fire retardant materials, the School 4 charger will not catch fire itself when charging any type of battery. Equipped with a Battery Length Detection system, the Hohm Tech School 4 Charger will automatically detect the length of battery and adjust the amperage up or down according to the battery specs to charge optimally. Pre-Installed is a input power regulator, allowing the Hohm Tech School 4 to be plugged into any 5V USB Port and can begin charging immediately. Constructed with a screenless design, Hohm Tech decided in loading the School 4 charger with more features and functionality, making this one of the most advanced chargers on the market segment today.

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