Juice Head

Juice Head

All Available in 3mg & 6mg

Blueberry Lemon & Blueberry Lemon Freeze

A delectable combination of sour and sweet flavors, capturing the delicious essence of bursting blueberries coupled with the mouth-puckering zest of tangy lemons, quickly changing to a sweeter overtone to finish off this heavenly flavor. Also available in FREEZE.

Cake Batter

A sweet cake batter mixed with a dollop of whipped cream.

Guava Peach & Guava Peach Freeze

A tantalizing blend of fresh juicy guavas combined with sweet peaches. Also available in FREEZE.

Mango Strawberry & Mango Strawberry Freeze

 Rich, sweet mango juice topped with freshly chopped strawberries. Also available in FREEZE.

Orange Mango & Orange Mango Freeze

A flavorful mix of juicy citrus oranges and luscious mangoes. Also available in FREEZE.

Peach Pear & Peach Pear Freeze

A divine refreshment from a fresh ripe peaches paired with juicy pears. Also available in FREEZE.

Pineapple Grapefruit & Pineapple Grapefruit Freeze

A tasty combination of delicious citrus fruits, combining sweetened sliced pineapples infused with a splash of zesty grapefruit juice for an explosion of flavor. Also available in FREEZE.

Pineapple Guava & Pineapple Guava Freeze

A mixture of sweetened pineapples and exotic guavas. Also available in FREEZE.

Strawberry Kiwi & Strawberry Kiwi Freeze

A blend of fresh ripe strawberries and juicy kiwis. Also available in FREEZE.

Sweet Cream

Crunchy vanilla wafers topped with a scoop of sweet whipped cream.

Watermelon Lime Freeze 

An intoxicating blend of menthol combined with sweet, juicy, ripe watermelon and tangy, fresh lime. On the inhale taste the juicy mouthwatering watermelon followed a cool exhale filled with fresh limes and freeze.



Juice Head eLiquid is a top-rated vape juice brand offering a wide selection of premium e juice and salt nicotine vape juice flavors.

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