Yocan Flat 510 Battery

Yocan Flat 510 Battery Features:

• Battery Capacity: 650mAh

• Voltage Range: 2.6V – 3.2V – 3.8V

• Power Output: 3 Power Levels

• Preheat: 1.8V/10 seconds

• Connection: 510 Thread

• Charging: Type-C Port


• 1 Yocan Flat

The Yocan Flat is a 510 battery designed with a square-shaped exterior. Each side of the boxy shell features a flat surface which helps prevent the Yocan Flat from falling off the table. This is perfect for consumers who use their vaporizers while they work on their computer and place their vaporizers on top of their desks. The flat design of the Yocan Flat also creates an ideal shape for when you need to store your vape pen battery when you’re going out and about. Compared to a dab pen battery with a circumferential design, one with a squarish casing will easily fit in most pockets and carry cases. It also feels good on the hands and has a better chance of not slipping from your grip than when using a round-shaped vape battery. The exterior is made from high-grade aluminum which means that the body is both lightweight and durable. Then, it is finished with a rubberized coating which adds more grip for when you just want to hold the Yocan Flat in the palm of your hands.

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