Doritos Smokin’ BBQ (68g) (China) 6-Pack

Doritos Smokin’ BBQ (68g) (China) is a bold and irresistible snack that delivers a smoky and tangy barbecue flavor. Specifically crafted for the Chinese market, these 68g corn chips from the renowned Doritos brand are seasoned with a mouthwatering blend of spices and barbecue-inspired seasonings. Each crispy chip offers a tantalizing combination of savory smokiness and zesty barbecue tang, creating a flavor explosion that satisfies snack cravings. The bold flavor is accompanied by the signature Doritos crunch, making it a perfect snack to enjoy on its own or with your favorite dip. Experience the bold and smoky deliciousness of Doritos Smokin’ BBQ (68g) and let your taste buds be taken on a savory journey.


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