Hi Drip

Hi Drip


Dew Berry

A fruity blend of honeydew, strawberry and candy. When you inhale, it’s the smooth honeydew flavor that fill the mouth. And on the exhale, it is the delicious ripe strawberry flavor that comes alive. You also get the sweetness of the chewy candy flavor at the end of the exhale.

Guava Lava

A refreshing fruit chewy candy thats been blended with sweet, juicy strawberries and tangy guavas. Inhale for some tangy guava that instantly quenches your thirst. On the exhale a rush of juicy strawberries with their natural sweetness gets stronger each second.

Island Orange

This fruity vape juice combines blood oranges, pineapples, and a sweet candy flavor. When vaping Blood Orange Pineapple, you get the taste of blood orange on the inhale. On the exhale, the pineapple and candy flavor become evident. It has a sugary sweet and lightly sour taste.

Nectarine Lychee

A refreshing fruit chewy candy thats been blended with sweet, juicy nectarine and tropical lychee. Taste the juicy nectarines complemented with fresh lychee in an all in one delicious vape juice.

Peachy Mango

You can taste the ripe mango and crisp peach flavor on the inhale. These two flavors come together beautifully to give you an electrifying flavor. On the exhale, the sweetness of the candy flavor is pronounced.



Do you love to savor rich and fruity flavors that are enhanced with some delicious candy essences? Well, then you will be happy to get to know Hi Drip vape juice! These unique and tasty products are yet another incredible suggestion for vapers who love blends that combine fruity and candy flavors.

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