Hohm Work 2 18650 2547mAh 3.6V Li-NiMn Battery (Single)

Say hello to the successor of the successor of Hohm Work 18650.  We proudly introduce the Hohm Work V2 (unofficially the V2.2). Phenomenal sustained amperage and voltage delivery under heavy load in a 18650 (18mm x 65mm) cell.  These are rated by Indonesia Chemistry at 2547mAh capacity, with a CDR of 25.3A with an 80C cut-off limit amperage of 35.8A (Yes, 35.8A!!!).  All ratings are subject to meet and/or exceed strict limitation policies set forth for DLr*1, TID*2, PVDL*3, CLR*4 mΩR*5, and Temperature (°C). Hohm Work2 is built with trade-secret QSP Li-NMC formula.  The ratio and chemistry concentration achieves unprecedented capabilities.


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