Skittles Clouds Fruit and Flower Gummies (94g) (China) 8-Pack

Skittles Clouds Fruit and Flower is a type of candy produced by the Skittles brand, popularly known for its colorful and fruity treats. This particular product is sold exclusively in China and features a unique blend of fruity and floral flavors.

The candy itself is small and round, much like the traditional Skittles, but with a slightly softer texture. The candy comes in a variety of colors, including pastel pink, blue, purple, and green. Each color represents a different flavor, ranging from classic fruit flavors like strawberry and orange to more exotic flavors like lychee and hibiscus.

The floral flavors are the standout feature of Skittles Clouds Fruit and Flower. The candy features hints of various flower flavors, including jasmine and rose, which give the candy a delicate and sophisticated taste. The floral flavors are balanced perfectly with the fruit flavors, making for a unique and enjoyable taste experience.


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